About us

Welcome to my website Welshjewels, as the name already suggests it is about jewels from Wales.

For as long I can remember I have had animals in my life. Most of them were dogs, from small to large ones. The first dog in our marriage was a Shepherd mixed breed that came to our life unexpected. He was found tied to a tree.

After this dog we have had several dogs, mostly Shepherds, but also a small mixed breed. My husband and I moved to a small town in the province of Drenthe, called 2e Valthermond, in 2005. It was here where I started my boardig kennel in 2006. One day one of my customers brought his dog for a vacation, and I fell in love with it. I only knew this breed from TV and pictures. It was the Welsh Corgi. As you will understand we now have five Welsh Corgi Cardigans, together with two German Shepherds. And we hope to enjoy those two great breeds for many years to come. Have fun and enjoy my website Welshjewels.


Harma Muller

Harma Muller